The idea of a product stopping oil in its tracks is sort of crazy. I kept seeing amazing reviews of the new COVER FX CUSTOM BLOT DROPS and figured I needed to get my hands on it.  COVER FX prides itself on the customization and this versatility. The CUSTOM BLOT DROPS can be applied before, after, or mixed with makeup. Inside this wonderful looking container is a mega serum that helps clear pores, hydrate, soothe and tone the skin. When applied to direct skin it helps diffuse light to blur those unwanted imperfections away.

I tested this product out during hot days, work days, and even going out. To my surprise it blew away my expectations. Even after a night of some awful dancing on my part, my makeup was not budging. Honestly, not a drop of oil in sight! That blew away my mind. I’m not sure what makes this product amazing but I’m not complaining. It has serious lasting power and keeps everything looking fresh!

Let me know what your favorite products are!



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