Hey everyone! My name is Laura, and I’m a blogger and a wellness coach at Laura’s Best Life, a lifestyle blog with lots of travel, beauty, health & other great content.

Today I’m SO excited to talk to you about some of the tips & tricks I’ve learned that really help me to stay on track when it comes to my health & fitness goals over the years.

1. Make it visual & unavoidable! I like to print out pictures of not only my goals, but also the ways I’m going to get there (like a half marathon training plan!). I’ll stick these to the wall right above my desk so that I see them all the time. This always reminds me of what I’m working towards. Another option is to put it on your fridge, so when you go to reach for unhealthy foods, it’s there as a guilt trip! The final place that I would recommend that you put something is the lock screen of your phone. Really… what do you look at more often than that? 😉

2. Break it down into smaller steps, mini victories are the BEST. So maybe you have a goal to lose 20 pounds. If you wait until you actually lose 20 lbs to celebrate, you’ll feel deprived ALL the time. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll have a mini (non sabatoging) celebration every time you lose 2 pounds. If your goal is to squat 100lbs, then every time you bump up your weights by 5 lbs, it’s a cause for celebration!

3. Make sure you have a support squad! This is the biggest part of it for me. Having a supportive team around to help me make sure that I’m staying on track with my goals is SO helpful. I love it when we’re all working on the same thing too.

As a wellness coach, this type of support is EXACTLY what I provide in my challenge groups. They typically run for 28 days, and are private facebook groups where we have daily accountability and motivation (as well as personal one-on-one coaching)! I help to set you up with a fitness and nutrition plan that matches your interests, your goals and your life! You don’t have to stick to one cookie cutter option, whether you like dance workouts, circuit training, bootcamp style, heavy lifting or pilates & yoga, we can find your dream program to suit your lifestyle. I also get you hooked up with an amazing superfood shake that helps to fill gaps in your nutrition, keep you full longer & prevent cravings.

If this sounds like the kick in the butt you’ve been looking for, I would be so excited to work with you. You can find more information about my Best Life Bootcamp programs here: http://laurasbestlife.com/best-life-bootcamp or email me at laurasbestlife@gmail.com

I wish you the best of luck in your fitness journey, and I hope that you’ll check out what my bootcamps are all about! You can find me everywhere (except snapchat) @laurasbestlife. Snapchat username is laurashaw22!

Thanks for having me here Mags!

xo, Laura


Laura Shaw
Blogger | Health & Fitness Coach | Bookworm

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