Recently my life has become a series of all nighters for exams. I feel at this point I am a bit of an expert on how to look and feel amazing the next day. I was inspired by Casper to give you some of my secrets to not feeling that all nighter. They have made a mattress that conforms to your body but doesn’t allow all that sinkage that other memory foams have! Here are some of my favorite things to help the all nighter look.

If I have been up all night I am usually pretty groggy and need a wake me up. I find the Origins GinZing Facial Wash and LUSH HAPPY HIPPY shower gel, give me a boost of energy. Both contain wonderful citrus scents that really help wake you up. Perfect to clear up that cloudy mind.

I don’t know about anyone else but brushing my teeth has become a serious addiction and staying up all night only makes me want to brush them more! I have been loving the CREST 3D White Toothpaste. My mouth feels clean and happy. I always think fresh teeth help you get A’s!

When you are up all night studying you will probably have some serious bags. I love the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer and the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit. I can honestly cover up even the darkest of circles with these guys.

I may be tired but I could never leave the house without a little mascara. I find it really gives your face that alive look. I have fallen completely in love with the BUXOM Lash Mascara. It gives intense volume and separates each lash without getting all clumpy!

Nothing says all nighter like being dehydrated. After a night of studying and chugging coffee you need some hydration. I always fill up a tumbler of lemon water. This always helps me feel human and not to sleepy.

Let me know your secrets to an all nighter!



Check out Casper’s amazing selection here.



  1. Ahh my dark circles are in need of serious rescuing! The combination of Bobbi Brown and Maybelline’s age rewind is something I never thought of before.

    I personally make sure to keep myself hydrated and the morning after an all-nighter, I love to blast loud music to snap myself out of that horrid sluggish feeling. As for skincare, I love using my LUSH tingling shower gel to energise my senses! x


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