My skin has been so dry. I am oily by nature but this winter has been brutal on my skin. I went into Kiehl’s in hopes of finding something and was immediately drawn to the Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm. This just sounded hydrating to me and at this point I was desperate for anything that would help.

Kiehl’s did it again with an amazing product.This stuff is amazing. It leaves a soft, smooth and velvet like barrier to the skin. It is formulated with high levels of glycerin to help retain moisture. Then they went a step further and added Edelweiss flower extract to help lock in hydration. After using this my skin felt calm, soft, and soothed. This has quickly become one of my favorite hydrating night creams for winter!

What are your favorite hydrating products?



  1. I’ve heard such good things about this, and I’m dying to try out anything from Kiehls! I really like applying an overnight mask in place of my daily moisturiser when I’m having a dry skin day and my favourite to use at the minute is the Drink Up Intensive one from Origins x

    Always, Alice

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