It’s not a secret I love Lush! I have probably tried almost everything in the store at this point and naturally, I have developed some favorites. I am a huge fan of clean scents. Lush has two shower gels that are perfect for me and not intense in smell at all!

The Olive Branch Shower Gel is amazing and smells out of this world! Make sure to shake this guy up before using him! He is packed full of Olive oil and antioxidants which, provide amazing nourishing qualities to the skin. Infused with vine leaves, sea salt, and fresh mandarin juice, its like heaven. I always find myself relaxed and uplifted after using this!

A recent love of mine is the Happy Hippy Shower Gel. With grapefruit to help wake you up on those early Monday mornings! It smells good enough to eat actually not really but you get me point! The grapefruit helps take away grime and refresh the skin! I love using this after I have gone to the gym!

Let me know what your favorite lush products are!



  1. I’ve been quite the LUSH hoarder so far in 2016! In a way I’ve just discovered the hype about their products. Need to branch out and check out shower gels and shampoos now! x


  2. Unfortunately I don’t have any Lush products 😦 I’ve never been able to find them in the US, but I always hear such great things about them. Happy Hippy sounds lovely, I love a grapefruit scent!

  3. The Olive Branch is amazing! I actually weirdly like Grass every once in a while and I got my dad a bottle of it for Fathers’ Day last year because he loves working in the yard so it can be a great gift.

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