With winter right around the corner this seems like the perfect time to talk about King of Skin. I normally do not have dry skin on my face but I do get some dry patches on my arms and legs. I use lotion and body butters but sometimes in the morning I am a little to tired to bother with them. I went into lush and noticed King of Skin.

King of Skin is a solid body lotion that helps make your dry skin soft, smooth, and more flexible. This is a super concentrated amount of moisture that is made of fresh bananas and avocados that are whipped into this amazing bar. Lush couldn’t stop with just those two moisturizing ingredients, they went an added oat milk and lavender to soothe the skin.

Best way to use King is to smooth him on wet skin when you are either out of the shower or tub. Leave on the skin for a few seconds and then towel off and you will instantly feel the amazing affects of King of Skin.

Let me know what your favorite Lush products are!


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