My hands have been in a sorry state of affairs lately. Nothing seemed to be helping until I went into Lush. Naturally, I found a wonderful duo that works so well with my skin! You could use either one of these separately but I find together these guys do wonderful things!

Salted Coconut Hand Scrub 

This creamy scrub keeps your hands looking like a million bucks! A small amount goes along way. Fine sea salt helps brighten the skin and fresh lemon helps remove all those dead skin cells. Argan oil and extra virgin coconut oils help to soften and hydrate the skin all day long! I keep this next to my sink and make sure to always use it before bed!

Helping Hands Hand Cream 

This hand cream was actually made for nurses since they have a tendency to have dry hands. Calming chamomile and cocoa butter cream has been keeping hands from cracking around the world. Honey and butter help protect hardworking hands that have a tendency to be over washed. My hands never feel so greasy but comfortable and hydrated!
What are your favorite Lush products?


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