Lets talk BIG HAIR for a second. I am always envious of people that have naturally full hair. My recent love of Lush has brought me a wonderful duo that is giving my hair volume like I have never seen.

Roots Hair Treatment

This hair mask helps fine hair become big and healthy. This is a hair treatment that is meant to be put on before washing your hair. Now, this sounds weird I know but take a bit in your finger tips and work it into your roots. Its going to feel weird but trust me here for a second.This mask has minty oils to help revitalize hair at the scalp. Lets be real the scalp is where healthy hair starts anyway! There is extra virgin olive oil and honey to soften the hair. This gives shine without weighing it down. I normally leave this in for about 10-20 minutes then wash out and follow up with shampoo. The results are amazing!

BIG Sea Salt Shampoo

I have talked myself silly on my blog about how much I love this but you guys really need to check it out! This is a sea salt based shampoo that will give you huge amounts of volume. It also helps to de-grease hair, remove dead skin cells and dirt which is perfect for a cleansing shampoo. I normally use this once a week to give my hair a good clean and huge amounts of volume. Don’t worry there is extra virgin coconut oil to help keep everything hydrated.

Let me know what you guys use for big hair!



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