If you where to ask me a year ago about Lush I would have said,“ Oh that smelly place.” Naturally, as soon as I went in the store my mind completely changed. I love the brand all those smells! I figured now is a perfect time to share with you all the reasons you need to check out Lush!

Lush believes in making products from fresh fruit, vegetables, and the finest essential oils. They also only buy ingredients from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on animals. Naked packaging is always the best. A bunch of their products have no packaging at all which helps those trees we all love! If the company cannot get an ingredient without harming the environment then they wont use it at all. Some of your favorite products that have left the stores may have stopped being produced for that reason. They also have wonderful ethical campaigns. Charity Pot is a body/hand lotion that help humanitarian, environmental, and animal rights causes. 100% of the purchase price minus tax goes to charities all around the world!

Check out Lush to learn more! Since, Lush has a become a serious love of mine for the whole month of November every Thursday will be a Lush centered post! Let me know if you want certain things reviewed or a tutorial.

Let me know your favorite Lush things!



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