I have been obsessed with a few accessory pieces this month and I knew I needed to share them with you guys!

I recently have been obsessed with funky socks. The weirder the better and I mean that! Hot Sock has some really crazy ones! Last time I was at the mall I grabbed the soft pretzel socks and fast food socks. Just wait till Christmas comes haha!

During fall I usually wear boots but on the occasion I do wear flats I normally grab a pair of TOMS. My light grey pair has been looking a bit grubby lately. When I was in Nordstrom I grabbed a pair of the classic black ones. I always get a ton of use out of these when I have them.

Lastly is my favorite purchase of the month is a Zara inspired blanket scarf. I found this on Etsy from the seller called SewPriorAttireMitten. I wanted one of these last year but never got around to buying one. This is the perfect scarf for the fall and winter. It is big but not to big and warm but not to warm! It is honestly perfect! Make sure you check her shop out when you get a chance!

What are your recent fall accessory purchases?



  1. I love these socks! My fall purchases have been a hat, a really comfy black cardigan and a new makeup brush 🙂 x


  2. I love those socks! My friend always buys me socks because she gets annoyed that the ones I have always have holes in. I’d be very happy receiving those pretzel ones.

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