Weekly Love #19 Better Than Sex


The name is a bit annoying but the product is amazing! I was very hesitant on buying this but I finally took the jump. It is possibly the darkest mascara I have ever had. I read somewhere that the shape of the brush was modeled after Marilyn Monroe’s curves. This is a
collagen-fueled formula which is going to help volumize and lengthen the lashes.

I have yet to experience the spider lashes or the clumping after two swipes like many of the reviews say. I did find a bit of smudging at the end of the day but nothing to serious. Lets be honest its a fair trade for the amazing things it does to lashes.

Let me know what your favorite mascaras in the comments!



  1. I find the name hilarious but would be awks if one of your parents saw it lying around in your room haha! My favourite has to be the classic drugstore Maybelline Colossal cat-eye mascara or Benefit’s They’re Real! x


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