Favorite Lush Products

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I love Lush and I love trying new things from them but some things have become staples in my life. Here are my most trusted and loved products from Lush.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel

I love the Christmas shower gels but during the off season I always grab this guy. Its super softening and moisturizing. Make sure to shake this product up before using because the oil separates in the container. Lush has infused this product with leaves, sea salt and mandarin juice to give you a wonderful mediterranean scent!
The Comforter Bubble Bar

I used to avoid this bar because of the scent. At the time it seemed so sweet but once you crumble this guy it is far from sweet. I find it is more of a warm scent than anything else. It has a wonderful fruitless that gives you a nice hug at the end of the day. Plus this guy is so big he will last you forever!

Pop in The Bath Bubble Bar

This just reminds me of the 60’s hahaha! This is such a great scent to relax in at the end of the day. With scents of mandarin and orange blossoms you will smell heavenly.

Dorothy Bubble Bar

This is my number one bubble bar. I love everything about this bar. It smells out of the world! Lush made a wonderful smelling bar of ylang ylang, figs, and orange oil. I honestly cannot say how many of these I have gone through these during the years.

Ocean Salt Scrub

It smells like summer in a bottle and with fresh avocado and coconut your skin will feel like summer. Lush also added lime and vodka to unlock your pores. Basically, this is perfect for the summa summa time!

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask (Must be put in fridge)

I love the smell of this mask I always end up hoping they make a bubble bar out of this haha! This is a deep cleaning mask that is rich in blueberry power! With calamine, rose absolute and blue oil to soothe redness and cleanse the skin. Perfect if you have sensitive skin like myself!

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask ( Must be put in Fridge)

I just looked up on Lush the background of this product and was surprised to find this was made for the inventors daughter! She would have slumber parties and he wanted a mask for young oily skin! Lush just got even cooler haha! This is a chocolate and mint mask for my problem skin ladies. Be warned don’t try to eat this no matter how wonderful it may smell because it does not taste like mint chocolate in anyway haha

What are your favorite lush products?



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