5 Tips for Healthy Happy Hair

Tips for Healthy Hair thatsmoagsforyou

People ask me how I keep my hair healthy even after coloring, product using, and heat use. Here are 5 things I do to keep my hair looking and feeling wonderful from the inside out!

Get Regular Hair Cuts

Are your ends fuzzy? Is your hair becoming unmanageable? Is your hair breaking off? You probably need a cut. Now, I do not mean a full on 7 inches but a trim. I have found when you get regular trims( every 7 weeks for myself ) your hair is just all around more healthy. It keeps the ends fresh and will help if you are growing your hair out.

Use Professional Products

I am a major supporter of this but I do understand that some people cannot afford them. However, if you are spending money on getting nice dye jobs or expensive cuts you might want to consider the investment. It really helps with keeping all that money you spend on your locks looking good!

Masks are the Best

I use to just not bother with this step but I recently have found the wonders in hair masks. They can do so many things and more. They can make your hair healthier! Figure out what your hair concerns are and then find a mask that can help! I love J Brand Hair and Scalp intensive treatment.

Beware of Heat

I love a good curl and a good blow dry but those things come at a cost. If your not careful you will damage your hair. Best way to avoid that is to make sure you let your hair air dry a bit before using a blow dryer. If you cannot let your hair air dry use a heat protectant spray. These actually do work! I love the Pureology Colorfanatic which does more than just heat protection!

Your hair is Unique to You

Always remember your hair will never look like Jennifer Anistons. Sorry to burst that bubble but it is true. You are not her and will never have her exact hair but your hair is wonderful too! When you are looking at her hair longingly ( I know I do!) remember that your hair is amazing as well! You did grow it yourself!

What are your tips for healthy hair?



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