Weekly Love #16


Just take a moment to take in all that is this palette. Those perfect smooth waves, rich pigments and smooth quality. Just talking about this makes me want to buy all of them! I actually got this palette as a Valentines gift from my mom. Lets all give mom a high five for being freakin amazing at gift buying!

When I saw the range of the Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palettes I just knew Infinity would be mine. The perfect range of colors for any neutral lover. The quality of these I honestly cannot put into words. The shadows are so smooth and creamy on the eye. When I first used these I was wonderfully surprised by how easily blendable they are.

I was concerned over the mixing of the shadows but I have not had a problem with that yet. However, one thing I will mention is to be careful of the fall out of the product. I was not paying attention one morning and had it all over my face.

What are you guys loving this week?



  1. I love how the shades are blended together. I wish my mum would get me such a great present!

    Andrea x

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