Is the Clarisonic worth buying?


Once a beauty bloggers best kept secret, now a beauty bloggers last thought. My mother bought me the Clarisonic Mia 2 for Christmas. I have been talking about this product for what seems like years. She probably got annoyed with me asking and just bought it to make me quiet hahaha!

Its been about two months of using this tool regularly that I feel like I can give you an honest review. Over the course of the last two months I have noticed my skin brighter and smoother. It looks healthier overall. I will say Clairsonic does live up to the hype in that sense however I still have break outs. Maybe thats because I am prone to acne not sure. I know there is a lot of reviews saying once using this you go through a purge process however, I have not gone through that.

Overall, Im not sure if this is worth the money. If you do have the money or get this has a gift it is wonderful to have! It is pretty much up to you as a person.

Hope this helps if you are considering buying a Clarisonic!


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