Review: ThirstyCleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser


A recent trip to Sephora I found myself looking at new comer to the cleansing world. Glam Glow released there new cleanser range! There are two cleansers available right now and two more to be released later (March). I went for the ThirstyCleanse Daily Hydration Cleanser.

GlamGlow brings the power of their famous masks to a foam like texture. I found after using this my skin was more radiant and my dry spots where less visible. This is by no means as powerful as the mask but it does give some hydration to tight skin.

This is possibly the most affordable of all there products. When I was testing this out I tired this as more of a treatment on the skin and found wonderful results. With a little water, it formed a mask like texture and I was able to get a more deeper hydration. In the future i think I will be using this as more of a treatment then a cleanser.

What are some new products you guys have tired?



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