Pureology Part 1 love

I love coloring my hair but it comes with a price…damage. When I was getting my hair done recently my stylist Jamie used the Pureology COLOUR FANATIC and I honestly could not leave without purchasing it.

This product does 21 things and for us Multi-Taskers this is amazing! A product that can do 21 things??? That is insane! Below are all 21 things that this product can do. After using this a few times I have started to notice my hair naturally smoother and even more healthy looking. If you are in the market for a product that basically does it all check this out!

Color Protection
Leave in Conditioner
Blow Dry Spray
Reduces Hair Porosity
Cutting Lotion
Split End Treatment
Breakage Treatment
Strengthens Hair Fiber
Heat Protecter
Shield for Environmental Damage
Silky Treatment
Seals Cuticle
Reduces Dryness
Reduces Hair Static
Refresher for Styling
Shine Treatment

What hair products have you been loving recently?


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