ThatsFITforyou Part 1


Lets all admit right now this is on our New Years resolutions even if we don’t want to admit it. Ill admit it is on mine.

I go to the gym regularly ( 2-3 times a week) but some days after work I just need to get some fresh air into my system and go for a run. I started running in December and it has been a long process honestly. Finding great music when running or working out can mean all the difference. Here are a few songs that are on my work out/running playlist.

Pour Some Sugar On Me By Def Leppard

Poison By Bell BIV DeVoe

Crazy in Love By Beyonce ft. Jay Z

Roll Wit Me By Boyz II Men

Bonafied Lovin (+ Tough Guys Interlude) By Chromeo

Come on Eileen By Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Love Me Right (Oh Sheila) By Angel City ft. Lara McAllenOver By Drake

Breath of Life By Florence + The Machine

Juke Box Hero By Foreigner

Let Me Go By Haim

Coming Up By Lupe Fiasco

Bye Bye Bye By Nsync

What music do you guys love to work out to?



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