Week of BlogMas


There are so many products that are so hyped up and when I finally buy them I get so disappointment that they don’t work. However, when I do come across a product that lives up to the hype i always let you guys know!

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate is by far one of the best products in my skincare routine. This oil is extremely light weight and can help restore your skins appearance overnight! I woke up after using this with smoother and more radiant looking skin. It honestly gave me that bounce my skin was seriously lacking after a long day.

I even noticed my spots starting to become less of an issue which im all for!

What are some products you guys have used that were worth the hype?



  1. I have used the Ole Henriksen 3 wonders 7 day challenge. I felt that my skin (on my jawline) that did not break out from it did look better even after I stopped using it. I do believe it looked brighter. Oh and my friend gave me a Kiehl’s gift card and I stocked up . I cant wait to try the products

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