Stocking Stuffer Week


I saw this guy in my local Sephora and I knew i needed it in my life. In this little set you get two amazing products for only $16. If you were to buy these separately you would be spending $24 which basically means this is possible the best priced set out there!

I love First Aid Beauty’s Ulta Repair Cream it can battle any dry skin you may have and put your skin back to feeling 100%. Even on my most dry days this bad boy can make me look like a Victorias Secret Model….. well not really but it feels amazing!

I find Chapsticks/Lip Balms to be something that is never satisfying unless you spend a ton of money. I was pleasantly surprised upon using this! Not only is it extremely hydrating but it heals any of those pesky cracks that can occur over the course of the winter! I think for the price this is an amazing quality lip balm.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday! Let me know what sorts of things you are buying for stocking stuffers? I need a few more things for my moms stocking!



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