Stocking Stuffer Week

I honestly think stocking stuffers are possibly the best gifts during Christmas. Mine is almost always filled with makeup and other little trinkets! Here is a stocking stuffer under 10 dollars that is perfect for any Body Shop lover.

In this little set you get such a wonderful selection of products. A small loofa which is perfect for traveling around the holidays (Note the festive red color!). You also get a small size of the shower gel in Frosted Cranberry which smells out of this world. If you need something festive smelling for the shower this will not disappoint. Probably the best part of this set in my opinion is the small body butter in Frosted Cranberry! Body Shop makes the best body butters and the fact you can smell festive post shower is perfect!

For 9 dollars this is such an amazing set! My mom even mentioned this would be perfect for a secret santa if you are under a 10 dollar limit (Moms are so smart!)

What are you guys buying for stocking stuffers (Maybe I need them… probably not my wallet is empty!)



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