Hair Week: “Favorite Styling Products”


Being able to find amazing styling products can be a challenge. My hair is extremely greasy at the root but fairly dry at the ends. This can cause for some trouble in the product department. I have found a few products that work perfectly with my hair and thought I’d share them with you guys!

Blow Pro Blow Out Spray

This hairspray is possibly the best smelling hairspray I have ever had! Not to mention it is long lasting but not crunchy. Crunchy hairspray is possibly the worst thing ever but I find this keeps my style all day.

Oscar Blandi Dry Texture & Volume Spray

I know everyone loves the Obrie dry texture spray but who can honestly spend that sorta cash? Not me. I found this recently in Ulta and it has quickly become a favorite. It gives me that just woke up vibe without being so heavy or intense.

Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo

I am always on the hunt for an amazing dry shampoo but I have never found anything worth calling a favorite until this baby. I have completely fallen in love with this product! It does have a whitish residue but it is fairly easy to rub it out.

Its a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin

With any type of styling or hair dying your hair can become damaged but this product stops that right in its tracks. With a few little pumps of this baby your hair has added hydration, heat protection, color protection and so much more! This is a heavy product so, I would advise to only use this at the ends.

Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse

I try to stay away from oils since they can be very heavy on the hair this however is anything but heavy. I find this is product light but still gives wonderful lift to my roots.

What styling products do you guys love?



  1. So many people have purchased the Moroccan Oil Volumising Mousse. Guess it would be nice twice a week- don’t think my hair would appreciate so much hair product! Lee Stafford and Toni & Guy are my go-to hair gurus x

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