Hair Week : “My Hair Story”


The first time I did anything other than cutting my hair was in 4th grade. My mother let me get those awful brassy highlights. While I would never dare get such a thing now I have however, completely fallen in love with changing my hair (as you can see from the last 5 years of color choices!). Being able to change the color of your hair and texture is possibly one of the best things about being a women. Sometimes you just need a little re-vamp!

Understanding the correct hair color for your skin tone can take many years however, I find a wonderful hair stylist makes this a whole lot easier! I have been to a variety of hair stylists and I can honestly finally admit I have found someone who completely understands my hair and gives honest opinions! Jamie from Looks Salon in Columbia/Ellicott City has become such a big influence in my life. She gives me honest advice and product recommendations as well as life conversations!

At this point in my life I have become more reserved in my color choices. My hair is currently the shortest in length since I was a little youngster! It took me a while to decide that the “cop” was going to happen but after the process was over I found myself loving how easy styling had become! Yay to the LOB (long bob haha).

If I could go back and tell my 4th grade self anything besides not getting those brassy highlights! I would say to myself always be confident in your hair style. Forget what others think and embrace what you have or want!

Do you guys have any great hair advice or stories?



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