Weekly Love #14


This is extremely different weekly love than i normally post but i just couldn’t help it after i bought this! With the holidays coming up giving gifts can be more of a hassle than anything else.

When i was recently in lush i realized that they would gift wrap some of the bombs and bubble bars for you which now i feel like has changed my gift giving game this season. You can pick from a variety of different scarves and they can wrap them up into all sorts of little things (The Snowman one is really cute!).

At my job they are doing a secret santa (which if you did not know is basically when a bunch of people get the name of someone else and have to give them a gift. The hard part is you cannot tell them until a certain day! I do not mind this sort of giving process but i find it can be hard if you do not know what someone likes. If you must know i received the name of a women in my department. I figured what women doesn’t like a little pampering therefore, i went straight to lush!

I bought a bath bomb and then had them wrap it up in a festive scarf with a bubble bar on the outside!

I am in serious love with this gift and will be checking this out in the future!

What different types of gifts are you getting this year?



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