Weekly Love #13


Is it just me or has my weekly love turned into, “ Weekly Skincare Love” hahah! I do honestly love skincare products and routines. Now that Christmas is right around the corner i keep seeing all the holiday box sets out. Boscia got my attention when it released its Black Collection.

I have been wanting to try all three of these products but honestly didn’t want to try the mask or cleanser in a full size. This little guy answered my prayers!

In the box you get a small Detoxifying Black Cleanser which warms on the face to clean and clear the pores. You also, receive a small Purifying peel-off mask that will make skin brighter and reveal a clearer complexion. The best product in this range that you receive is a pillow soft spronge that has charcoal infused properties which helps clear and exfoliate the skin. I have noticed my skin looking brighter and noticeably clear over the course of the two weeks that i have used this!

I can honestly say that this is possibly one of the best value sets i have seen for the holidays. The amount you receive for the mask is wonderful. Best yet the sponge is full size.

What are you guys loving this week?



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