Face of the Day #3 Five Minute Edition

Makeup can be a long process or it can be easy and quick! Here is my five minute makeup for those of us who would rather sleep in!

When i’m in a rush one of the first things i grab is the Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer. It is so easy to apply and it helps keep all your wonderful makeup in place. When you are in a rush you always want to grab products that can be used for multiple things. Such as the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer which has brightening aspects to it and is able to cover areas that need a little extra help.

My brows always need help in the morning and the quickest way i can get them looking back to normal is with the Benefit GimmeBrow. This is basically a mascara for your brows which makes this possibly the easiest way to get your brows looking somewhat normal (Which i always need!).

I find when your in a jam for time a cream eyeshadow can be simply the best thing to use. I always reach for Laura Mercier Cream Eyeshadow in Platinum which really brightens up the eye and stays all day. I have recently found out how easy and quick eyeliner is when you apply it in a gel formula. The Bobbie Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Expresso Ink is possibly one of the creamiest gel liners i have come across. A girl cannot go out the door without some sort of mascara and i find Maybelline The Rocket to be the easiest mascara to apply. Two coats and you are ready to go!

Finally, the best part and my personal favorite The Naked Flushed palette. With a bronzer, blush and highlighter it is extremely easy to apply.

What do you guys love when you are in a rush?



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