Alexa Chung Hair


I love my hair. I will go to great lengths to ensure it stays healthy and looking great. However, just like everyone else i struggle some days to get that Alexa Chung look. Recently i have found a routine that really gives me that Alexa Chung hair that we all want.

When my hair is still somewhat wet i put a little bit of the Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse in my roots. I find this product does not make my hair greasy or heavy and It gives me that volume and bounce that my hair can sometimes lack.

Once my hair is fully dry and somewhat styled i will spray the Oscar Blandi Dry Texture & Volume Spray all over my hair and roots. This stuff is so amazing. I know many people rave about the Obrie texturizing spray but i find its very over priced. Oscar Blandi is extremely affordable and it smells like vanilla! After using this my hair looks amazing and effortlessly messy.

Finally i use the Blowpro Blow Out Spray all over my head. I find many hairsprays can really make my hair dry and crunchy. However, this is light while still keeping the hold of my hair style and of course it smells wonderfully.

What do you guys use to get that Alexa Chung hair?



  1. I have been on a very important quest to find a really easy hair routine that will make my waves look casual but still a little “done.” Still haven’t found the miracle products though. Might need to give some of these a try!

    – Aisling

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