Winter Lush Haul

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Lush has quickly become one of my favorite spots for anything pamper related. I recently was at the mall and noticed Lush had some Christmas things out! Naturally I bought the entire store! Here is what I grabbed!

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

This is said to help restful sleeps and with its scent I can understand why! It has a wonderful scent with lavender, benzoin, and tonka. Best part is the wonderful polka dots that appear in the tub!

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb

I love how festive this is! The scent of this is so wonderful and clean. The mandarin, bergamot and orange smell fantastic after a long day! This also gives your tub a wonderful sparkle which is one of my favorite things!

Father Christmas Bath Bomb

This is one of my all time favorite bombs! Probably one of the most festive bars at Lush with its changing colors. The smell alone of Snow Fairy gets me every time!

So White Bath Bomb

This is another favorite of mine since it brings the smell of an amazing apple to a pamper night. Not to mention the secret pink center that makes wonderful creamy bubbles!

Cinders Bath Bomb

This bomb is said to be inspired by the fireside. The crackling of vegan candies and cinnamon leaf oil smells just like a fireside! It also has wonderful almond oil to keep the skin super soft! Keep in mind this does turn your water a yellow color.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

This bubble bar gives a the tub a wonderful pink luster. With the smell of cotton candy and vanilla you will feel like a kid again!

Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

This is by far the cutest bubble bar I have ever seen! This gives a orange flower and bergamot scent that truly smells wonderful.

What are you guys loving from Lush?



  1. Oh wow, I walked into Lush the other day & stood there for a quite a while just trying to decide! Everything looks amazing! I love the smell of Cinders, I did actually pick a few things up, will be sharing mine soon!

    Yasmeen xx
    The Mirror Affects

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