Hair Update (Before and After)


                    Before                                                            After 

I love changing my hair color and my hairstylist Jamie can agree with that statement.There is nothing like a new do to make a girl flip her hair back and forth!

First things first I want to give all credit of my hair to my hairstylist Jamie from Looks Salon. She is amazing and honestly I don’t think my hair would be as healthy as it is without her. If you are ever in the Baltimore/Columbia Maryland area I would highly recommend making an appointment with her. Below you will find Look’s website to make appointments with Jamie (let her know I sent you!)

Before I had my hair done I had gone a little redder in tone and started a very subtle ombre. Like always I wanted to change it just a little bit. This time around I went closer to my natural color at the roots. Jamie added more of a Balayage ombre to my hair (this honestly made my hair less harsh like normal ombre can appear!) With a little trim my hair looks and feels amazing!

What are you guys currently doing to your hair?



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