Weekly Love #8

First aid beauty

This weekend I was looking around my skincare collection and noticed my day cream was officially done. Reaching the bottom of a product is probably the most satisfying feeling in the world for a beauty addict because it just means you will be able to fill its space with another amazing product! When I was at the mall this weekend I was walking around Sephora looking for a face cream. Face cream will be the death of me. I never truly know what product I want. That’s when I noticed this bad boy.

I love First Aid Beauty and I have dedicated many posts to my love for them. This product is no exception! The quality of this day cream is amazing. Rich and creamy should be this products middle name. Not to mention the whole 5 in 1 thing is freakin amazing! I love killing two wrinkles with two stones( haha see what I did? haha).

Best part and yes it does get better! This is in pump form. I don’t know about anyone else but I dislike pots so much. Sticking your fingers into a product daily just makes me think of tons of bacteria growing. This is so much more hygienic which is a plus!

What are you guys loving this week?



  1. How’s the scent and how hydrating would you say it is? 🙂

    I haven’t tried anything from the brand yet but have seen it here and there and am intrigued! And I agree on pumps; much more hygienic and efficient, also easier to control the amount.

    1. It has a different scent, the packaging claims its non-scented so it does not have a fragrance of any kind (hope that makes sense) as far as hydrating goes its extremely creamy. Sometimes after a spot goes away my skin gets dry around it but this really helps keep it nice a hydrated!

      thanks for stopping by!

    1. Aww I’m sorry! Thats how my skin is with most drugstore products sadly! There are better products worth trying than FAB for example Origins night cream is amazing!\

      thanks for stopping by XX

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