Top 3 Repurchases of the Week!

Top 3

I find myself always shopping! Im sure you guys can all relate to that. I ran by the mall this week to make a return and of course I ended up in the beauty department. Here are some things that I have repurchased!

Dr. Jartt  Beauty Balm Dis A Pore

Anything that can make my pores disappear is a find of mine! I have yet to find a BB cream as great as this one. It perfectly preps my skin for foundation and keeps everything I need hidden. This BB cream and be worn as a light foundation as well. It truly is a miracle product. Dr. Jartt knows what is going on!

M.A.C Cleanse Off Oil

I love cleansing oils! I find them more powerful at removing makeup than makeup removers. I am always looking for a better cleaning oil however I always find myself coming back to M.A.C. I find this oil removes any type of makeup I may have on. Many other brand require a little working in order to remove makeup and lets be honest the easier the better.

YSL Babydoll Mascara

Oh YSL you are always doing it right. This mascara is freakin amazing! It makes my lashes look ten million times longer and fuller! It basically gives me the lashes I never had. I always come back to this product and when I want something that is fool proof  this is always a sure thing.

What are some fool proof products that you guys love?



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