Book Review #1

Favorite Books

With the seasons changing I find myself curling up more and more with tea and a great book. I have wanted to do a book review for a while now but was not sure what book to do. I was thinking the other day what my favorite book was and I honestly cannot say. However, the one series of books I first bought on my own was by Laurie Faria Stolarz.

I would probably classify these books as teen thriller/Sci-fi, probably more on the thriller side than Sci-fi. Laurie Stolarz gives you such a great combination of thriller and Sci-fi it is hard to stop reading them! This is one series I have come back to again and again.

1. Blue is for Nightmares

The first book opens with Stacy, who is a junior in boarding school and in love with her best friends boyfriend. She begins to have nightmares about her best friend who has become a target of a stalker. In order to save her best friend she must use  her grandmothers folk magic to expose the killer.

2. White is for Magic

Stacey finds herself once again having nightmares about people who have been brutally murdered. Not only is she having strange letters sent to her but a new transfer student claims he has been having dreams about the same thing. (FYI this is my favorite book in the series!) Together they must save the next victim.

3. Silver is for Secrets

The last two years of high school for Stacey have not been the best but with the summer rolling around her circle of friends decide to have fun in a cottage on the beach. However, fun does not last long when Stacey begins to have nightmares again.  She soon realizes the nightmares are about a girl staying near by Clara. Stacey finds herself in a life changing array of events in order to save Clara.

4. Red is for Remembrance

Nothing has been the same since Stacey’s boyfriend died. She has put off going out in the real world but she has been offered a scholarship to Beacon University. Hoping to have a normal college experience she soon finds herself having nightmares again. A girl Porsha is also having nightmares, together they must decode them to save a life.

Any great recommendations for new books?



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