September Favorites

DSC_0078I cannot believe it is already the end of September! I’m not complaining though, all this means is Christmas is coming sooner! Since it is the end of the month I thought it would be great to show you guys what I have been reaching for and loving!

NAKED Back to Basics 2

Since the release of the NAKED Back to Basics 2 every beauty blogger has been going crazy and for good reason. This palette is so wonderful I cannot keep my little paws off it! A wonderful color range and so creamy on the skin.

DiorSkin Nude Concealer

Early this month I really want to try a new concealer and I have been eyeing this up for a while now. I finally committed and bought the darn thing and lets just say this is freakin amazing stuff! Its so light on my skin and best part ( Could it get better Mags? YES) it does crease! I’m in a serious relationship with the product currently. haha

MAC Paintpot in Groundwork

Any Essiebutton viewers checking this out know Essie has been loving this and honestly I can see why! This is such a great base and it is so long lasting. The color is perfect for fall and looks so wonderful on my skin. This is steadily been something I’ve reached for over the month.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Glisten

Tarte is such an amazing brand and the blush line is seriously freakin amazing as well. This blush gives me the best of both worlds, a blush and a highlight. The color is so long lasting and looks extremely natural on the skin. What is really crazy is I have been using this for a month and have yet to make a dent in it.

Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium

If you have not heard about this product you have been living under a makeup rock. I think every beauty blogger has talked about this recently and with good reason. This product is basically your eyebrows but better and who does not want that? I went for the lighter shade only because my eyebrows are a little thinner.

Dior Vernis Gel Shine Nail Lacquer in Wonderland

When I purchased this early in the month I really did not think this would be my favorite but I’m very pleasantly surprised! This nail polish is seriously long lasting and I naturally chip my nails. What can I say about this color? It is my inner 6 year olds dream.

What have you guys been loving this month?


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    1. Oh yes its so wonderful however it is expensive! Sometimes the more expensive stuff lasts longer. Let me know if more budget friendly things would be good to see as well!

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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