Brushes I Couldn’t Live Without

DSC_1445Just like any other beauty blogger I have collected such a huge amount of makeup over the years. If there is a lot of makeup normally that means there is a lot of brushes and tools that hang around as well. Naturally over the years there are a few things I have found I could not live without. Here are my favorite brushes.

Oh Real Techniques what would I do without you! If you are wondering where you can get great priced makeup tools but want decent quality look no further.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Since buying this the way I apply my blush has completely changed. For me personally this brush allows me to get great color on my cheeks without making me look like a creepy doll. Yay for not looking like a creep! I have used this also as a foundation brush and find it applies the foundation flawlessly as well.

Real Techniques Powder Brush

This is my most recent brush purchase and oh man do I use every excuse to pull this bad boy out. The bigger the brush the better and the fluffier to! I have been using this to apply any powder, colored or translucent. Since it is so fluffy it allows me to give an almost airbrushed finish to my skin.

Real Techniques Foundation Brush

I have been recently using this to apply my concealer and man is it freakin great! It blends my concealer in seamlessly and gives wonderful coverage. Since it is super soft so it does not hurt the sensitive area around my eyes so plus for that!

MAC 217

Clearly this is not a Real Techniques hence the name but this is my #1 brush for any eyeshadow. It has a slight tapering to the brush head which I find useful when building color. It is so versatile in all that it can do. You want a simple eye look or a smokey one it can do both and more!

Sephora Angled Eye Shadow Brush

I have had this brush since I was in high school. If that doesn’t tell you long lasting I really can’t say what will. When I was first using makeup I found trying to get a smokey eye difficult (and honestly it still do) and this brush really helped me achieve that!

Sephora Eye Shadow Brush

This is another brush I have had since highschool. I love this brush for applying eyeshadow. Used with the Angled Brush I can achieve a wonderful smokey eye.

Sephora Eyeliner Brush

So tiny this one is and so cute! Some days I’m not in the mood to put on liquid eyeliner but I need something to enhance my eyes this is the moment I pick this baby up. I will wet this brush with a little water and then use a black eye shadow to line my eyes like I would with liquid. It gives a more subtle eye than liquid. This is also good for lining the water line.

Beauty Blender

Everyone has been talking about these and rightfully so! Up until recently I avoided this like the plague mostly because all it was to me was a sponge. Naturally I got suckered in the Sephora line to purchase one. Since then my world has changed. In order for this to work you have to wet the sponge (which makes it huge!) and then make sure you ring out the water. Then start applying! This gives my liquid foundation a flawless and airbrushed finish. I don’t think I can ever live without this!

What are your favorite brushes/tools?


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