Bubbles and Bombs Lush Favorites


Up until recently I was a Bath and Body works bubble bath gal; however after watching sprinkleofglitter in a lush haul video I knew I had to try the Lush Bath products.  Naturally I loved them! I bought a variety of Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs; of course I now have some favorites. These are my current favorites!

Dorothy Bubble Bar

My inner 5 year old is so excited when looking at this. Rainbows are in every little girls dreams including kitties and Unicorns. When you crumble this it will turn your water a bright blue which is so freakin cool! The smell is so wonderful just thinking about it makes me want to take a bath. It gives off a light floral scent with a hint orange which is so refreshing for the summer. 

Green Bubble Bar

Who doesn’t want to sit in great smelling colorful water when bathing? Crazy people that’s who! This Bubble bar turns your water a light green while giving off an orange and lime scent. When I used this I felt like I was getting a spring facial but for my body basically, it’s amazing! The best part of this bar is the coconut jam that is in the middle of the bar that helps soften and moisturize your skin.

Sex Bomb

Now, I know what you’re thinking Mags why did you get this bomb? Get your mind out of the gutter people! This is for my own scent pleasure aka my nose! The flower in the middle of this bomb really got my attention when I saw this. This bomb leaves your water a fizzy wonderful pinky amazingness. The smell is out of this world. With Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage my nose was loving this!

Butterball Bomb

Recently I have fallen in love with the warm nutty scents. One smell of this bomb and I knew it would be love. This makes the bath water creamy and so hydrating. There are chunks of cocoa butter that give you such soft skin when you leave the tub.

I’m looking so forward to the holidays and of course for all the exciting bombs and bubbles that will be happening! Who wouldn’t want to take a Christmas themed bath?

What are your favorite lush products?


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