First Aid Beauty Review #2


It’s no secret I love makeup but my love for skincare is out of this world. Masks, cleansers, oils, serums, toner you name it I’ve tried it. I am a firm believer in using professional skincare products over drugstore ones, mostly because they work better for my sensitive skin. Recently I stumbled across First Aid Beauty and man I’m glad I did. It’s such a wonderful brand and for the price it’s worth it. It’s not the most expensive skin care product out there but the quality is amazing!

Face Cleanser

I have raved about this before in posts but I really do love it! It’s creamy and refreshing for the skin and best of all after using it my skin looks more glowing than before. This cleanser is great for every day use and is great for sensitive skin.

Red Clay Mask

This is another repeat, since I have raved about this before. Can you tell I love these products? Anyway, this is a peel mask. The best thing about this is it actually works! The mask hardens in 10 minutes and then you are able to peel it off. It minimizes pores and helps control oil on the skin. This is such a love of mine!

5 in 1 eye cream

I saw in recent favorites video Allison Anderson had mentioned this and I knew I needed it. It has anti-aging properties and helps with all your basic eye problems. It doesn’t have a smell which I think is fantastic. This is by far one of my favorite eye creams to date.

Instant Oatmeal Mask

I love masks, that is no secret but if it’s a good mask well let’s just say I want to get married to it. I’m kidding but seriously masks are a huge part of my skincare routine. This mask helps hydrate and calm the skin. When my face is feeling tight and tired I just slap this on and BAM I’m P.DIDDY…. well not really.

What First Aid Beauty products do you guys like? 


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