Empties #1


Hey guys! I recently was looking in my bathroom and noticed I had a bunch of empties saved up. Naturally, thought I would share them to you. Here you go!

Nail Polish Remover Strengthening

There are actually two of these that I have saved up for this empties post. I would clearly re-purchase this since is almost a necessity now days!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion

I’ve used this on and off for years. It’s very light and hydrating which is wonderful for the humid months. I would re-purchase in the future but right now I have antipodes that I need to use up. Fun fact this lotion can be used as a hair mask!

Lancôme Renergie Lift Multi-Action Eye Cream  

I was given the chance to try this eye cream recently and I love it! This is so creamy and hydrating. Most importantly it isn’t very heavy around the eye area. I have a FAB eye cream I’m using right now but this will definitely be a re-purchase in the future!

Soap and Glory Hand Food

My love for this hand cream cannot be stopped. I love this product so much! This is probably my 10th bottle of this. Truly the best hand cream I’ve ever used. Not greasy, super hydrating and smells heavenly! I already have a new bottle of this out!

Benefit Moisturize Total Moisture Facial Cream

I got this as a gift and thought I’d give it a try. I haven’t fallen in love with this but it was perfectly fine face cream. It did smell wonderful though but it was a very typical face cream. I think I love the antipodes vanilla pod face cream much more.

Glam Glow Youth Mud

It’s no secret I love this product! This is my second small size bottle and I recently decided to buy the full size. This is probably one of the best masks I’ve used in a long time. I highly recommend this and clearly I love it since I purchased the full size!

Degree Deodorant

Don’t be all weird because I put this in! Everyone uses this stuff. I have super sensitive skin so I can’t use many deodorants but this one is my favorite. I’ve used this for years, when I say that I mean since high school.

Biolage Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve been using Biolage since I was in middle school. It’s my go to shampoo if I have no idea what to try. Always true to its word it never fails and always smells refreshing. There entire ranges of shampoos are very cleansing to the hair without being damaging. I highly recommend this! Usually Ulta has it buy 1 get 1 50% off! Can’t beat that!

What have you guys used up this month?


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