Weekly Love: Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay


It’s no secret I love a good mask. When I find one I love it’s a wonderful sight! My recent find is the First Aid Beauty Purifying Mask with Red Clay. I have been using this 2 times a week and the results are beautiful! I love the brand First Aid Beauty so I knew when I saw this beauty I was going to fall in love. Man was I right!

This mask detoxifies, reduces pores, and controls excess oil. So, basically it’s freakin amazing! This is a peel off mask, that in 20 minutes will draw out skins impurities and the most wonderful part unclog pores! The red clay of the mask actually helps hyper-pigmentation which most pale folks can struggle with.


 It is sticky in texture so be careful before you put it on. I wasn’t paying attention and I got it all over my mums white floor. She was not very pleased with me haha! After the 20 minutes are up you will see the mask has dried and you can peel it right off. Now, I have tired peels before and I am always worried when buying them. Mostly because I find more times than not they never really peel off. Well, no worries folks this one actually fully peels off!

If you struggle with a mixture of skin issues like I do this product is wonderful! Since it does combat a variety of issues it’s basically a miracle in one.

What masks are you guys currently using?


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