Summa Time Favorites



Summer time, the days are long and the sun is even hotter. I have such a love hate relationship with summer. Since, I have such fair skin burning is almost always a problem. In order to make summer more enjoyable I’ve found a few things that really help me cope with the bad things summer brings.
Let’s be honest when your fair skinned it isn’t about how tan you can be in summer, it’s how you stop the burning or as I say cooking of your skin. I am a firm believer in sunblock. Also, I refuse to get wrinkles and as we all hear over exposure to the skin can give you just that. So lather up ladies and gents and put on some sunblock! I’m currently using the Coppertone Sport High Performance Sunscreen with SPF 30 and the best part is….. it stays on when you sweat which is great for the summer heat. I spray this on before a run or even a day where I know I’m going to be in the sun for the day.


Since, I do refuse to get wrinkles I also always am wearing sunglasses. I found these early May at my local J Crew. I adore them so much. I love sunglasses but this summer these are the ones I have always been reaching for. They have a subtle cat eye effect which I think makes even the sloppiest of outfits put together!
When it comes to being fair, burning is almost always the outcome of fun outside. I recently went on a little weekend trip where I was outside for a huge portion of the day and I got cooked to a crisp. I didn’t have any aloe on me which was normally what I would use but I went to Target and found the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration after Sun in Coconut Papaya. This stuff is freaking great! It is the best combo of aloe and lotion. While it goes on cool it also, gives hydration which shortens the burning process. Now smell wise I usually avoid the tropical scents but for some reason I love this one. It’s very fruity and tropical without being overly smelly. This is a new love for me and is starting to replace my normal aloe.


In the summer it’s difficult to wear makeup. Mostly for the fact you only look good for about 10 minutes then it all comes off. When I’m rushing around and I don’t have time to put on makeup the one thing I grab before I leave is the Naked Ultra Nourishing Gloss in Liar. It’s a flat pink color that compliments the natural color of your lips. The best part of this lip gloss is it is sweat proof. Now, I don’t know about you guys but when it’s hot I sweat. Don’t tell me you don’t sweat…. Because you do! I know it’s gross to talk about but it happens and when it does you have to make sure the makeup is not moving. Naked lip gloss does that and more. I’ve worn this lip gloss close to 6 hours and it never moves. This includes drinking, sweating, and talking. This is one of my favorite lip glosses for the summer. Natural looking but gives you a little something extra and it does not rub off. Can you ask for anything better? I’d say a doughnut but that’s different! Haha


Here is the baby of my house Frig aka Piglet (yes, we do call her piglet) enjoying a wonderful day in the sun. I did give her a stern lecture after this about wearing sunscreen but that just earned me a hiss. Clearly, she is a sun worshiper.
Let me know what are you guys using for the summer?

Hope you’re having a fun and safe summer!



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